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Sipping Tea With Tula - 9 - It’s not meant to be normal

Happy New week!!! I hope you’re all ok? Let me know how you are! (inbox or below) We’ve seen a lot happen this past week, but rather than looking back, I thought I’d have a little look forward to what I hope to do once we all leave prison (AKA Lockdown)

In order to move forward strong, we also probably need to look over and address a few things that need fixing but we’ve maybe left unchecked. If you’re anything like me, you can probably find a way of working through/tolerating most things and figuring out how to get comfortable in them for the sake of peace… but some things aren’t meant to be normal

Hope this gives you a little something for reflection and maybe a little nudge too. Have a great day and week!

🎧: “Good life” instrumental version by @V9Collective #ToYouLoveTula#SippingTeaWithTula#TulaLeanneSews#Thinking#Lockdown#Normal#Abnormal#Check#FixIt#BreakTime#Tea#Chill


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