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Sipping Tea With Tula - 20 - “I/You/We Have Some Good News”

Hello there! It’s a glorious day here in London and while it’s warm like this, EVERYTHING is moving slower. That being said, I’m having a late break today. 😂 No complaints though, summer is my fave! 😎

Anywho, enough about me. How are you? Last week took a real dip for a lot of us here in the UK after the madness that ensued following the Euros final. I figured today rather than ranting further on it, I’d bring some simple reminders of what is going well.

We take a lot of very major things for granted because they come naturally to us. Before the day they change, I’d just like to celebrate these blessings now… Join me?

Have a lovely day friend (and stay hydrated)

🎧: “Good Life” by @V9Collective


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