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The Inspiration List: JAKE ISAAC
Written: 6th February 2019
I feel blessed when I think about my friends and how cool and talented they are. One of these is the brilliant singer, songwriter Jake Isaac. Those who have seen him and heard him will know that he’s incredibly skilled musically and has lyrics for days, but on the other side of that I’ve had the privilege of seeing the “come up”. I’m not only inspired by his growing success in the music world, but how he’s taken risks, pushed hard and made so many brave and unexpected steps that have allowed him to reach audiences right across the world. 

Most wouldn’t know but he’s also been instrumental in pushing me to go forward with ‘Tula Leanne’ by sharing what his years of experience has taught him so far, his creativite perspective and pulling me up when I’m dreaming too small. The journey of developing in any creative field can be hard and I have found from experience that creatives need creatives! Only then will you know that your struggles are not unique to you and can be overcome!
As a side note, it just so happens that Jake regularly releases music that speak on life, love and situations within society, including one that touches on the current struggle with violent crime. When we watch the mess unfold from a distance, we can easily disregard the impact it has on those closely involved. Check it out, ‘Boy and a Blade’, available now on all major music platforms and keep an eye on his page, @iamjakeisaac for more info on the the song’s background and how you can support affected families, plus upcoming releases! So much good stuff, don’t sleep on it!!.Jake, thank you for pushing boundaries, practicing what you preach, making such enjoyable music and being one of those friends that encourages the ‘glow up’. Also, thanks for coming back for another bag (We like repeat customers. lol!) From Tula Leanne, here’s a bag to say thank you for the inspiration!
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