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The Inspiration List: PJ MORTON
Written: 31st December 2018
This post is without a doubt one of the “Tula Leanne Highlights of 2018” somewhere not too far behind actually launching the brand of course! 

You don’t really have to know me that well to know that I am a huge PJ Morton fan! My brother first told me about his ‘Gumbo’ album and from the first listen of the first song, I knew I had found something special

At the time I started listening to his music, I had just begun my journey of sewing independently which to be honest, scared me immensely. I was scared of failing, scared people wouldn’t like what I made, scared of not being able to sustain it and more, but when I eventually made the step to move forward on it, I would set my sewing gear up in my front room, open iTunes, and on a “PJ Morton day” (which was a lot of days tbf), I would listen to his albums back to back ALL day. The style, the clever lyrics, the melodies, the detailed harmonies and just the sheer joy of music kept me focused on being creative and diverted my attention from all the things I couldn’t change anyway.
It never failed to get my artsy juices flowing. It’s undiagnosed but I think I have a high music dependency. lol!.This reminds me that sharing our creativity can often inspire others to do the same even without us knowing and in ways we probably wouldn’t expect. That’s why, whatever our craft, we just need to keep doing it!.I’m so grateful that this whole circle of creativity could go back round again so that on this occasion he could wear the fruit of what some of his music helped to inspire. Thank you @pjmorton for sharing your art and inspiring me (and others) to create too! It’s worth it! From Tula Leanne, here’s a bag to say thank you so much for the inspiration and endless ear candy! 😍.
Pic 1: 📷 @dominic.scott
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