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The Inspiration List: KAREN GIBSON
Written: 20th September 2019
Pictured here is the beautiful power house that is Karen Gibson. She is best known for being the choir director and leader of The Kingdom Choir who, last year sang the house down at Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding.

There are years worth of achievements I could reel off about Karen - awards, famous names she’s shared the stage with and countries she’s travelled to - however she’s on my Inspiration List for more personal reasons. Years ago Karen allowed me to shadow her teaching choirs for my own learning and in those sessions I saw her set high standards and draw out the best from her students, never accepting “I can’t” as an answer. Though firm in her approach there was no doubt that it came from a place of real love. I could feel that everyone knew and respected that when laughter, praise, hugs and kisses would follow a session of hard and focussed work.

Having now joined the choir, I’ve had a more ongoing
experience of what it is to be one of her students. I’ve observed her attention to detail, her passion, the long days that she powers through and still has encouraging words to keep the team motivated. Life has taken huge turns for her and the choir since the Royal Wedding but she’s handled this “new norm” with great skill and grace. Being in her company and that of the choir has really inspired me to push harder in all areas.
Those of you who attended the UK Tour will know it’s was epic! Well, The Kingdom Choir are set to storm the States soon for the 2nd part of the U.S Tour. American friends have a look at the tour dates pictured to find a show near you. (Thank me later).Karen this Chunky Bumbag is to say “Thank You” for the years of inspiration you’ve offered me knowingly and unknowingly. Your support, kindness and even correction are more greatly received and appreciated than you’ll know. Keep being amazing and continue to shake the world for the Kingdom ❤️
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