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Tula Leanne is a London based fashion brand creating hand made accessories from a beautiful selection of cross cultural fabrics. 
The Tula leanne ethos is summed up in 3 words:
"Live, Sew, Love"
Live sew love.jpg
Live – We [humans] are made up of all sorts of creative, quirky and unique features. What we do, who we hang with, where we go, how we think, what matters to us, how we feel, our loves, our dislikes, our character and more, are all small pieces that, together, help explain who we are to the outside world. What we wear should facilitate and act as an additional expression of the best life we were designed to live.
Sew – This is where Tula Leanne comes in. With the customer’s creativity and individuality in mind, pieces are sewn to suit their personal style and expression.

Love – Everything is made with so much love and with the hope that the wearer loves it too! 
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