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The Inspiration List: TESSA BENNETT
Written: 19th March 2019
World, this is Tessa Bennett. A wife, a mother, a friend, and in my humble opinion, a local hero. I’ve added her to my inspiration list for a few reasons. On a personal level, I’ve often felt encouraged to grow as a person, a friend and a believer because of her journey and openness to learning and constant personal development, but as well as this, she has a very big heart that a number of families within her community have benefitted from.
In 2017, Tessa, along with a talented team of friends started a Christian community initiative based in Tottenham called “Helping Hands”. This is a hair styling service that offers help and advice for parents of children aged 3-16, with afro hair who may have difficulty in maintaining their child’s hair and/or may not be able to readily afford regular hair styling for their little ones.

On the last Saturday of each month, children leave their company with neat, stylish and beautifully braided protective styles. Tessa and her friendly and
dedicated team of stylists and hospitality helpers, work on an entirely voluntary basis and serve these families with this gift at no cost, with parents only being invited to donate hair products and finances as and when they are able. Their commitment and consistency to the cause is truly commendable and the parents and carers that receive this extra “helping hand” each month have truly appreciated it.
To find out how to book your child in for this service and/or donate finances, time, energy or braiding skills, visit for more info. They welcome the support to help keep this a free service for families that need it..Tessa gives so much in life generally and in this work, and this inspires me to do the same, so Tess, it’s your turn! From Tula Leanne, this bag is to say thank you for being you, sharing your skills and love with those around you and inspiring me too. Your life is probably more effective than even you realise
Contact Helping Hands:
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