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Sipping Tea With Tula - 15 - A quick motive check

Hey Friend! Happy new week to ya!

I’m here with my cuppa again ready for our regular chin-wag. Today I have a new mug that I’m absolutely delighted with! Thanks again to the lovely person that gifted it to me and to @artisticbeautybyerica for making it 🤩 I love it!

Also following the mayoral election last week I went on a long train of thoughts that led me to check why I do what I do… We’re always on the long train when it comes to thoughts 😂

Keep an eye out for updates as Tula Leanne marks 3 years of business this week. We got tricks up the sleeves and that! For now though, have a great day! Love all round ☕️

🎧: “Good Life” by @V9Collective


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