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Sipping Tea With Tula - 14 - This Creative Struggle

Hello Lovely People! Is it your break time yet? ☕️

I had a whole creative wobble last week and it’s left me resetting my view of value! As creatives, we definitely don’t lack purpose - we’re needed in the world - but value is not always placed where it should be, either by ourselves or others

So here’s my little shout out to y’all whilst I also recover. lol! What you bring to the world is important so whatever happens, don’t stop creating!

Along with todays rant, we have a written blog on the Tula Leanne website. Go have a look at my little love note to the creatives entitled “Can We Take A Moment To Celebrate The Creative?”

Have a GREAT week!!

🎧: “Cruise control” by @EmmanuelWaldronOfficial


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