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Sipping Tea With Tula - 10 - Go On, Get It Done!

Hey Friend! It’s a new week and we gotta stay grateful for it. Speaking of being grateful we’ve made it to 10 whole episodes of ‘Sipping Tea With Tula’! I honestly thought we might run out of things to talk about after 3 episodes but we’re still sipping and chatting! lol! So here’s a little lesson I’ve learnt in this process. (One of many!)

ALSO I didn’t mention in the video but this week the website has been live for 2 whole years, so there are 15% discounts on the Tula Leanne website this week, until Sunday 28th March 2021 when you use the coupon code TWO2021 at checkout. Just a little treat to celebrate the site until Tula Leanne’s proper birthday in May!

Have a great week fams! Sending you all some love

🎧: “God is love” instrumental version by @V9Collective


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